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2.0 Beta 7

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Released: Dec 20, 2008
Updated: Dec 21, 2008 by lorenh
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Release Notes

What's new in this release:
  1. Dumping property values
  2. #defines
  3. UAC Run As Administrator shim executable
Dumping property values
Builds on the feature added in Beta 6 where you could dump out the environments, to the console, and adds the ability to also dump out property values, either all values for all environments, or a single value for a specific environment. This feature has proven to be very useful to data-drive build and deployment processes off of the spreadsheets, allowing the spreadsheet to be the single source-of-truth for configuration information.
Note: Examples use SettingsSpreadsheet.xml from the samples\spreadsheet folder in the binary distribution

Dump out all environments (added in Beta 6)
XmlPreprocess.exe /x SettingsSpreadsheet.xml /l



Dump out all values of the property Setting4
XmlPreprocess.exe /x SettingsSpreadsheet.xml /l /p Setting4



Dump out the value of the property Setting4 for the Test environment
XmlPreprocess.exe /x SettingsSpreadsheet.xml /p Setting4 /e Test



This builds on the dynamic property feature added in Beta 4, and allows you to declare the XPath or Regex expressions in the configuration document instead of in the spreadsheet. #defines get the XPath out of the spreadsheet, and out of the operations folks view, and into the config file, where it's more in the domain of the developers. The operation folks just see simple tokens.
Given this input file somefile.config:
   <!-- #define ${XPath=/xml/entry/@foo} = ${sometoken} -->
   <entry foo="SOME VALUE TO BE REPLACED" />
If you were to run this command:
XmlPreprocess.exe /i somefile.config /d:sometoken=bar

It would produce this:
   <!-- #define ${XPath=/xml/entry/@foo} = ${sometoken} -->
   <entry foo="bar" />

UAC Run As Administrator shim executable
Added an optional executable shim to use in cases where you know you need to prompt for elevated permissions on Vista. XmlPreprocessAsAdmin.exe includes the necessary manifest to prompt for elevated privileges, then delegates all command line arguments to XmlPreprocess.exe. This is to get around a very specific situation faced on Vista when you are preprocessing something in a protected area such as under Program Files and need to elevate privileges. The alternative is to manually right click on XmlPreprocess.exe and use the Run as administrator check box on the compatibility tab. XmlPreprocessAsAdmin.exe is essentially empty, all it does is delegate all command line arguments to XmlPreprocess.exe. You probably will never need this, you don't need to distribute it, it's completely optional.

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