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See the samples directory and the unit test project for more examples of how to use the Xml Preprocessor.

The samples include:

  • basic - This is a simple sample that demonstrates how to perform substitutions using a single environment switch property which is passed on the command line
  • binding - Demonstrates using dynamic XPath and Regex properties
  • database – Demonstrates reading properties from a database. Contains script to create tables and populate with sample data. These scripts are also used in unit tests.
  • msbuild - Demonstrates using the new MSBuild tasks (introduced in 2.0.16)
  • settings - This is a sample that demonstrates how to perform XML substitutions using multiple external settings files. It also contains the original Excel spreadsheet with the VBA Ctrl-W macro...this is obsolete in version 2.0 now that the tool can consume the spreadsheets directly
  • spreadsheet - Demonstrates using a spreadsheet saved as XML as the source for settings. This is new to XmlPreprocess version 2.0.
  • wixsetup – Demonstrates two ways to use XmlPreprocess as a custom action in WiX (Windows Installer XML toolkit).

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Twogun Jan 29, 2014 at 6:47 PM 
In the "binding" folder, I found no example of Regex use in either the prescriptions in the SettingsSpreadsheet.xml or tags in the web.config (BTW: to translate this to BTDF, are we talking the PortBindingsMasterFile.xml