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MSI Integration

XmlPreprocess can be invoked as a custom action by an MSI to merge environment settings into your configuration files at deployment time.

Integration with Visual Studio Setup Projects

Add a custom page with two text boxes to the installer's UI to collect the settings file name into a property named SETTINGSFILE, and optionally additional custom properties into a property named CUSTOMSETTINGS

Add the XmlPreprocess.exe file to the installer

Add a custom action that invokes XmlPreprocess.exe with the appropriate command line parameters, for example:


Integration with WiX

See the WiXSetup sample for the WiX script necessary to integrate with WiX 3.*




XmlPreprocess.exe can also be invoked by InstallUtil.exe with the same basic command line syntax

Note: The InstallUtil interface is deprecated, and is not in sync with the command line.

InstallUtil.exe /i=web.config /s=dt_settings.xml /d:installer /d:debug /d:trace=4 XmlPreprocess.exe

This will perform exactly the same deployment as the first Command Line example.

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