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Future possibilities

  • Command-line help for built-in properties
  • Enhance config dashboard to expose endpoint for CSV
  • Improve documentation
  • Add support for XLSX - (maybe use ILMerge to combine dependencies so single EXE is maintained)
  • Improved integration with PowerShell - (wrap up common commands into script module?)
  • Include Visual Studio Snippet sample for inserting markup in XML
  • NuGet distribution
  • Installer

These items are included in version 2.0.18

  • Make an alternate version of the exe that drops the legacy behavior of “false” values.
  • Stop requiring unneeded extra rows at the top of the Spreadsheet XML 2003 files.

These items are included in version 2.0.16

  • Web app to manage settings in database
  • Import CSV feature in Web app
  • MSBuild tasks
  • Local copy of the documentation included in the download
  • Extend the basic settings xml format to optionally accommodate multiple environments as a simpler input format.
  • Report on how many times spreadsheet values are used (feature request)

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jtinguely Jun 2, 2009 at 1:50 PM 
Have you had a chance to implement the MSBuild task yet?

jdharley Nov 12, 2008 at 9:47 PM 
How about a NAnt task?